The Disease, The Vaccine, and The Epidemic

August 5, 2011
Sick and tired of all this confusion
Still seem to be stuck in a visual illusion
Wish I had an immunion to that disease
That spreads like fleas
That gives me the heebie-jeebies
That makes me see-the good-in thee…
Look! Look at him, high
In the sky, shooting arrows
With hearts at the end, tips narrow
Floating and flying and
Got people sighing and maybe
Even crying tears of joy
Seeing that girl or boy
As they run into their arms…
In their eyes you see his charms
The spells and the potions
And the drinks and the lotions
Of sweet romance and
The riches of dance that
Dwell even in the darkest of hearts.
My dears! Let nothing tear you apart!
Keep our love by your side
And with the grace of God, you will get by
I am no savior only
A messenger to be-
Hold in your serene eyes
Only the truth and no lies
That love is a curse and a gift…

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