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July 7, 2011
By LogeyBear BRONZE, Dryden, Other
LogeyBear BRONZE, Dryden, Other
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Bright t-shirts,
with deep brown eyes,
Oozing with confidence
I should despise.

And though, I know ,
we’ve never met,
You’ve built my expectations up
like an angelic architect.

If I sent a friend request,
Would that be weird?
There’s not that much difference,
It’s only four years

I know where you work,
does that make me a stalker?
We’ve got something in common;
I’m also a trash talker.

You’re profile wasn’t special,
‘til I checked it again.
You’d checked the box,
“Interested in Men”

People that are like us,
Are far and few in between,
I wish you could know me,
Like ripped skinny jeans.

And though feelings for you,
Are hopeless at best.
They’re familiar and warm,
As a Gap sweater vest.

I know I’m wasting my time,
But this truly is saddest.
I’d like you all over again,
Like a good Facebook status

The author's comments:
Facebook creeping. We've all done it.

I think I may have found the guy of my dreams using this method. The only problems are: a)He's four (almost five, but I choose to round down) years older than me AND b) I've never actually met this guy, much less had a conversation with him.

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