I'm the Cat

July 6, 2011
By starstruk87b GOLD, Delaware, Ohio
starstruk87b GOLD, Delaware, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"You're friends with everyone until you're not."

I know you can’t see my face
Just words I type with my keys
But that doesn’t change anything
The emotion I live, still breathes.

But it’s hard to make tears
Appear on a pixel page
Or to let you hear my laughter
And even sometimes my rage.

If you could look into my blue eyes,
What do you think they would say?
If you could see me smile,
Would you be so quick to turn away?

There’s one advantage to a screen
It gives you a place to hide
So when you want to take a chance
You don’t have to walk the line.

Give me something to sing about
Tell me what’s on your mind
Then sit and wait for a response
See what you might find.

I can’t promise a happy ending
But honestly, who could?
But never saying anything
Will only get you maybes and woulds.

Sometimes I’m confused or conflicted
And I wish things would be clear
But all I can say is I’m human
And I live with doubt and fear.

On this I’m quite certain
Call it curiosity, I’m the cat.
I want to find the truth
And only you can give me that.

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