My Loving Friend

June 29, 2011
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Thru bitter words and tempered battles this I can’t deny.
My love for you will always grow I shall not bat an eye.
Many times of lost and found I believe were at an end.
Tho I know ill miss you dearly this is I your loving friend.

Please excuse my words and hate tho bitter as I may be.
I feel like ive been lost and walking down a road I cannot see.
Tho lost without a word to say an infestation as it grows.
Time and time I press my luck and follow where it goes.

Thru think and thin I said id be there but you’ve gone away.
I think too much without you my thoughts consume me everyday.
At nights I lay awake and run from nightmares in my head.
I toss and turn with bloodshot eyes and wish that I were dead.

Picking up things that remind me of you upon my many travels.
My home isn’t a home anymore as it’s cluttered with things ive gathered.
I cannot mend the love that grows for there is no love left.
It all went away on the day you took your last breath.

Tho, dim, old, and weak I know ill see you someday.
To rejoice that I have found you reunited once again.
To forget the things ive said and done no more trying to pretend.
Yes I’m coming home finally this is I your loving friend.

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