You Know Who You Are

June 20, 2011
“Everything happens for a reason.”
so much easier to say than to believe
I left my heart wide open,
And you went and betrayed me.
You said you wouldn’t leave;
You lied through your teeth
But the fault is all mine
I was too blinded to see.

Now my vision is clear
It is plain to me
That the love I thought we had
Was just a big nothing
You think you love her
So why not tell her the truth
Cause I know you didn’t tell her
About me and you

But I won’t say a word
I’ll keep my mouth sealed
Sooner or later
Your secrets will be revealed
And I’ll be standing by
In the shadows
Laughing to myself
As your web of deception unfolds

But for now I sit
In the corner, by myself
Waiting for Fate to go
Pick on someone else
And wishing for the day
When you realize
That when you let go
It really wasn’t wise

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