The Aftermath

April 26, 2011
By , Anaconda, MT
I go home, and
It is quiet.
My dad just stares
And my mom’s cheeks are wet.

Everything is different.
Everything is still.
Looking around
My emotions deny my will.

I knew he had problems.
I didn’t know how many.
He got hooked,
Then he got trippy.

It wasn’t right.
He hadn’t known.
He made a mistake,
Then he got blown.

Now I can remember.
Now I can feel.
I look around, and
The world begins to reel.

Why does it hurt?
We weren’t even close.
Still it is cold
For my heart has froze.

I try to be tough, and
To be strong.
My friends don’t know it, but
I dread the dawn.

I don’t want to come, and
See your pity.
All I want is
To just be.

When I see you
I force a laugh.
However, I walk around
With my soul in half.

At school,
I see and hear.
But nothing reaches my head
I fear.

Traveling in a rut
I go.
Not seeing
Just walking with the flow.

I fear I am lost
For I wander.
Searching everywhere
For my brother.

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