May 20, 2011
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We sit in the car
The dark night flashes by
We are talking
We are laughing
Then it changed

Adrenaline pounded in my veins
I saw the red of stop
That which he ignored
Nothing slowed
I quickened

Lights like two eyes
Coming to the T
My body tensed
Resigned to be helpless
Ready for the blast

I made no noise
Deafened by the din
We spun
A moment stood still
Then panic erupted

The jaws of life came
A woman’s face in yellow
Suited men saved my beloved
Fear clouded my being
Cold froze my limbs

White of the sirens
Walls matching
Red of the blood
Ringing in my head
Wishes it was gone

Concern boils to panic
In adults known
The hospital is eerie
Calm precision sounds
Surreal waiting

That night
Hell showed its face
Its servant sent
To tear apart
Wreaking hurt

Yet survivors we are
Hell’s black jaws
Did not prevail
Over the snowy peace
Of the angels.

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