Grow Up

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

When I laugh it causes you pain,
You look at me with great disdain,
I understand why you hate me,
I pushed you to the brink of insanity.

I know I shouldn't have done that,
Doesn't mean you can treat me like a brat,
I think you need to forgive and forget,
Seriously dude you need to just get over it.

You hate it when I flash you a smile,
You wish you could make my life more vile,
You seriously need to grow up,
You need to learn how to just shut up.

You need to get over yourself,
Hating someone is bad for your health,
You need to let me live life,
You need to stop causing me strife.

You piss me off more than you'll ever know,
My dislike for you just keeps beginning to grow,
You need to learn how to treat a girl right,
You need to stop and learn how to not fight.

You should know that you're stupid to cuss,
It isn't fair and its definitely not just,
You should learn how to fight like a man,
But I guess you would never really understand.

You act like your just so freaking cool,
When really everyone thinks your just a fool,
They all turned against you and took my side,
I can see what all the backstabbing has done to your pride.

Everyone sees the pain that you bring,
They see the tears in my eyes that sting,
They all help me and guide me through,
They all secretly want to just kill you.

I'm sick and tired of this silly little game,
I know that it will always stay the very same,
But in my heart I admit that I miss,
Those beautiful moments when we'd share a kiss.

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