One Month, an Eternity Too Long.

May 11, 2011
By DaDos BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
DaDos BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, give it 1000 reasons to smile!"

Your words are full of pain;
still your smile will remain.

Nothing: you feel inside,
so why is it that you lied?

What about all the time?
I thought you were mine?

I have always been your guy...
Why now, is it good bye?

"I promise it will work!"
If only I saw beneath, what lurk...

In commitment troubles,
loneliness bubbles.

Lied, did the wise cat.
Truth was hidden where it sat.

I heard from this "little birdie"
I shouldn't find you so "perdie"

The truth: Likes you she doesnt.
What you thought it was, it wasnt.

They say to just forget her.
Meant to be? We never were.

If I let her go...
The tears will flow.

Yet if I should try and hold on.
I"ll become another love pawn.

You fed me flies,
disguised as lies!

When I started to choke,
only then was I awoke.

From this false dream,
or so you made is seem.

A scratch is all you intend,
and needle is all you send.

I just hope you know,
time makes it grow.

Your needle is now a knife,
that stabbed into my life.

My already "holey" heart.
Was cut open by your dart.

Out, hope had always dripped.
From a crack. A hole now ripped.

Into a fierce and powerful river;
your rightfully slash did deliver.

With Christ I will find love.
Fear not all the above.^^

My grief is always stored away.
When writting comes into play.

With God I release all this hurt,
Into poems; I convert.

There are endless lines
since it is me who whines.

Still you let me think...
Now I shall sink.

Into a small despair
because I care.

All about you.
We both know its true.

I was under your spell,
and off a cliff I fell.

Please be up front.
Even if its blunt.

A hard hit,
and that'll be it

Sure, I'll be knocked down,
but, eventually, I'll come around.

Even a continous needle prick.
Over time, can make you sick.

Next time say it fast:
That it wont last,

Save the next one.
From -Times- "gun".

It shot a hole,
straight through my soul.

Wounds eventually close,

Still, a scar always shows.

The author's comments:
A girl I love and always will

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