One Person

April 25, 2011
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There was once a day when your world crashed and burned
When the hope that once was there extinguished out of sight.

And every effort you gave to make it better
Wasn’t even worth the fight

People pushed you away and kindness left your eyes
And the only thing you wanted was to witness an angel crash from the skies

You wanted just one person; anyone at all
To make you understand that life isn’t a howl it’s a call

You wanted one person to reach out and calmly clutch your heart
To whisper soft promises into your ear until your composure fell apart

You wanted one person to understand; to make you feel less alone
To make you feel like even though you didn’t have a family, you’d have a home

And you’d wanted anyone to love you; anyone at all
To prove that people could love a cripple, a sinner, a liar, some one who wont stand because they know they’ll always fall.

But you know, you might be that person
The person that takes a step and rescues someone who can barely breathe

To save the person who feels like they’re drowning in their sorrow
Like they’ve been cast out to sea

You might be the only person they talk to
The person that simply makes their day

They would take a knife to their wrist every morning
If you didn’t tell them that they would be ok

And you saved them from themselves, and how much they hated their soul
You thought you had a heart of copper, but they knew it was a heart of gold.

You saved that boy that day, and for once that girl didn’t cry
You opened your heart and let them in so that they had a place to hide.

They found god that day, and you rescued them from hell.
You picked them up and carried them every time they fell.

Because you know how hard it stings; to have your breath stolen out
And you know that there isn’t a cure in the world to turns tears into drought

And it’s all because you found god one day; when that boy told you that he understood.
And you wanted everyone who didn’t have someone to know that yes, one day, they would.

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