Should She Stay

April 21, 2011

He pushes her around, still she tells no soul, not a single sound
With a lifetime of disappointments,unbridled Anger preys on the weak
Causing her to blame herself as she hits the ground
She won't leave him, even with a future predicting its bleak

Because cruel fate shattered his dreams, the man she knew started to fade
As if everything's perfect, they pretend with bleeding hearts that will never mend
A cold splash of harsh reality destroyed the world they made
Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the end

Boom! Like a bullet to her heart, he splits her apart
She shouldn't stay, should've left from the start

In just a shift in tone, she fears he'll break a bone
With every blow, her heart sinks low
His temper hurts her so, but misguided guilt won't let her go
His words cut her like a knife, slowly she loses life

She pleads him to stop with sorry eyes
But he can't see the pain that he causes everyday
He placates her to stay with promises filled with sweet lies
When Anger is satisfied, they both know it won't go away

His eyes are daggers, trapping her like a deer, in his predator gaze
She is forever lost, in this complicated maze
She saves some shards, should she stay
Of the life she knew before he walked her way

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