I Tried So Hard

April 4, 2011
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I work hard to be this way.
I do my best at all of this.
I try to be more than I can be,
Because better is all there is.

I smile wider to assure them,
I step lighter to help them see,
I stand taller to convince them,
that the strong tower they see is me.

I write more often so they'll believe,
I sit, attentive, to help them continue,
I read so many books to disguise my freedom,
They think learning is all I want to do.

I laugh at their jokes to make them smile,
I ask them questions to keep the noise going,
I am quiet to let them fill my silence,
I slip through the halls without them knowing.

I wear my glasses to keep them from knowing,
they mask my plain identity,
I fix my hair to cover my shoulders,
To hide the slacking part of me.

I read my books to get away,
I do more homework so I won't continue,
But my work has become picture perfect...
Ever since I started trying to forget you.

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