Empty Parking Spaces

April 18, 2011
Empty parking spaces bleed black blood for me.
As I lie between the lines completely unseen.
Cold metal pinches me awake
A pile of street signs and a gasoline lake
A taxi cab door slams open, then closes
The exhaust smoke I breathe in heavy doses
Fluorescent light bulbs shudder to life
And burn out my eyes like a stabbing knife
Tossed into a vehicle screehing its tires
I crawl against the carpet's poking little wires
Into the seat, I ask where I'm going
And then I remember-I'd prefer not knowing
The driver doesn't look back but I know his name
He's taking me through a tunnel as dark as my shame
And at the end of the tunnel, a small light appears
And street lamps collapse like mobile spears
Broken glass windows and cold-blooded hands
Suddenly I know that I have command
Slamming the breaks, the car jerks to a stop.
And surely enough-there stands a cop.
Silver wristlets he makes me wear
And just like my father, he gives me a stare
I say, "I'm sorry, but what did I do?"
And he simply says "You let him get ahold of you"
And then it comes:
The realizations, in total, the sum.
Free from these bars, I'll walk back to that lot.
And there-the finale, the end of the plot.
Melting away into black concrete skies
The world has been flipped over and upside down it lies.
Watching over the traffic's honking commotion
I will sit in that yellow taxi cab of endless emotion.

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