Lessons Learned

April 20, 2011

One good look was all it took
My heart melted like butter
He could read me like a book
And his presence was enough to make me stutter
I thought we would just be friends and nothing more
Until he told me that I was the one he adored

I'd had others, but none like him
Part of me wanted to believe I was in love
The other part knew I wasn't
My heart said yes, but my head said no
I ignored my head and listened to my heart
A decision that maybe wasn't too smart
We were happy until things changed
Everything was rearranged
Nothing would ever be the same
And out the truth came

We were living a life laced with lies
All leading up to the bitter goodbyes

If he couldn't be with me at my worst, then he didn't deserve me at my best
He needed to have put me first
He miserably failed my test
I knew for a while this moment would come
So I wasn't the least bit surprised
I was even a bit relieved
But the tears still fell from my eyes
Acid droplets burning holes in my cheeks

He left me with a broken heart
Snap! Every piece pulled apart

As time went by I forgave and forgot
I have no regrets
It wasn't too much sadness that he brought
Every disappointment only makes me stronger

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