March 29, 2011
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I took my broken heart
And sewed it back together
With thread strong as steel
But light as a feather

I found all my scars
And erased them away
With the hope of finding
True love one day

I picked up my bones
And resembled them into
A stronger and more confident woman
Who is not afraid of you

I put my hand over my chest
Where the gap used to be
But when I took my hand away
There was nothing for me to see

I rewired my brain
To forget all of those memories
That I once cherished
Of you and me

I changed my body
And my mind too
So I wouldn’t have anything
That reminded me of you

I took the hits
I took the pain
Believe me when I say,
“You’ll never hurt me again.”

Don’t come around and say you’re sorry
I no longer care about how you feel
Please just give me some space
Because I’m finally starting to heal

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