March 25, 2011
The city of Atlantis lies lost at the bottom of the sea
The fish and the rays are the only ones that get to see
The great spectacular underwater land of Atlantis
The intricate architecture lines both sides of the gold paved streets
How do I know what is hidden beneath the raging sea and mighty waves?
I have been to the lost but not forgotten city of Atlantis
Lost but not forgotten
The abandon stage where violins once played
Is still as chestnut brown as ever with the slightest hint of cherry
Unlike when it still floated above the water
The sunken city’s creatures match the sweet soft beauty of the city
With their vibrant colors and flashing scales
Atlantis is not lost just merely misplaced
No, it will not be I that reveals it location
Of the sunken city
Lost but not forgotten
My desire for the city beneath the sea
Grew like a spiky weed,
I pined for the lost city with all my being
No it is all mine, I shall not tell you where it is
You will destroy the nature glory of the algae draped stairs and the soft coral carpet
Just like you ruined the surface land with your tall buildings that brush the sky
So lost but not forgotten is how it will always be
The city of Atlantis underneath the sea

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