The Descent

March 31, 2011
By Claydub PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Claydub PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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"You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;" - Edgar Allen Poe

My decrepit soul is locked away,
Abased and versed, day by day,
Cursed to populate, this suppositious place,
My impalpable atrocities have been outraced,

My incomplete being wills, taunts, probes this place,
Willing to the gods, reticent actions hang untraced,
Ambient, hellish, afflicting screams; intolerable bedevilment by pernicious dreams,
Cogent reason has lost it’s regime; Sane thoughts, tormented by ubiquitous fiends

Dark, undying embers blot out the sky,
The malevolent jinn cower, tremble, wry;
They sense their omnipotent leader drawing nigh:
Anon, I stare the Ruler of Demons in the eye.

I examine the face of Lucifer; The Father of Lies
Wrath, greed, pride; they lie under his eyes.

The Accuser opens his mouth to speak;
Effervescent, azure flames protrude,
Loathsome imps cringe and shriek,

“Child, child, as you lie,
your hopeless offspring brace to die.
Child, child, as you lament,
Your kin, family, prepare their descent.
Child, child, do you know why,
Everyone you know, is damned to die?
Child, child, this is why,
Everyone you know, believed my lie.”

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