A Truck Named Bob

March 10, 2011
By Qualm BRONZE, Weston, Colorado
Qualm BRONZE, Weston, Colorado
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A Truck Named Bob
There once was a boy about seventeen
He dreamed of getting his girl a diamond ring
The problem was he had no money
So there would be no ring for his honey
He decided after a very long day
My life isn’t going to turn out this way
He decided that he needed a job
Jumped into his truck named Bob
He headed into town
His face fixed in a frown
He saw a hiring sign
And jumped in the application line
On the paper they asked for prior work knowledge
He said he had none and they asked about college
His answer was no
They told him to go
So again he went after a job
Carried by his truck named Bob
Suddenly he was hit by a plan
He could get the job of a real man
He would go to KFC
Where the real work would be
He would sell fried chickin
For people to be lickin
They paid minimum wage
But that was enough by his gauge
He worked for a year
Didn’t spend a penny on beer
When he had enough money
He went back to his honey
Soon he realized
She had her eyes
Set upon a new man
She had ruined his plan
She had broken his heart
He would make a new start
But first she had to die
He couldn’t explain why
He chopped her to pieces
And left her skin in folds and creases
He took her to his job
In the back of his truck Bob
He put her in the Original recipe box
He didn’t even remove her socks
He cooked her up good
And served her to the hood
They all liked the chickin
And they all kept on lickin
He didn’t give a buck

Cause he had his truck
That’s why you don’t mess
With someone who has relationship stress.

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