One, Two, Three

March 22, 2011
By jessie_james SILVER, Taos, New Mexico
jessie_james SILVER, Taos, New Mexico
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"you might not end up where you thought youd be, but you always end up where you ment to be."- ?
"shoot for the moon even if you miss youll land among the stars"-?

I sit as the edge of my roof
Ready for my life to go poof.

I think of all the bad things
But then I think of all those special beings.

Those I love, who make me
Believe in me.

My world may be crumbling around me
But I have friends right behind me.

Those who make me smile and laugh
And wash away my worries like dirt is by a bath

But know matter how hard I try
All the bad things still make me wanna die

So, I stand up slowly
As I cry ever so fiercely

I look at the ground
And hear not a sound

I say on the count of three…
Then I’ll be free.”

One... Two… Three…
My memories fly by me

I plum it to the ground
Later to be found

I said my good byes in a letter
Lying on my favorite sweater

I’m sure I’ll be missed
But I will never again be dissed

I am now seated by my father
To pray with him forever

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