The Darkness

March 16, 2011
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The darkness is catching up with me.
I try to run but I can't seem to get away.
Depression has corrupted my mind.
The memories of us have decayed into dust.

My heart is shattered into pieces, but you don't seem to care.
Clouds of gray have formed over my head; are you aware?
The tears fall naturally when I think of what you did.
I'm stuck in this nightmare that seems to never end.

My ray of sunshine has turned into a pit of fire.
You threw me in and left me to burn.
This experience is the worst kind of pain.
I'm left to drown in the puddles of sorrow you've created.

Dealing with this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
This may sound cliche, but I can't go on without you.
I never saw this coming and maybe that's what hurts the most.
Our relationship is buried deep with the ghosts.

Our past haunts me in the form of shadows within my eyes.
Every color in the world has become just another shade of gray.
My soul is lost and never to be found again.
I've lost all control and the results are plain to see.

I never wanted to become this way, but you left me no choice.
Without you I'm silent; I'm left without a voice.
It's time for me to disappear into the realms of the unknown.
Will I ever make it out with enough strength to find home?

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