You, Me, and the Big Blue Sea

March 8, 2011
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Alone, at rest, on the warm summer sea,
Lies a sailboat, perfect for you and me.
In this lovely month of May,
We could float along the Big Blue Bay.

Basking in the sun,
Soaking up rays like skin cancer is fun.
The sun so bright it's burning through our skin,
So we desire to go for a brisk swim.

The fish will all stare,
Coming closer if they dare,
In fear that we may drop a line,
If we catch then we may dine.

But we do not desire to disturb their serenity.
We are peaceful enough gliding on the water, with glee.
Beneath the water are the secrets of the sea.
King Triton and his men are watching over me.

From the boat, seeing the creatures of the air,
And those on land over there,
Make me wonder what Noah had planned,
When his ark left dry land.

Sweet sounds of the sea surround my ears,
It makes me want to forget all my fears.
While the ocean can be a frightening place,
It is these types of fears that I love to face.

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