Waiting in the Dark

March 5, 2011
I vow to resist the temptation to murder
Every inch of soul that chokes at my throat,
Ripping my dangling thoughts like a Herder
Who followed those whispers and lost every note.

Circulate warnings, toss in a glow,
Let all who quiver with randomness know,
That once Monsieur Tyrant has entered the tow,
The rats he releases shoot terror for show.

Oh, humble maid - dressed in her best,
Singing her praises and prancing her Crest,
Does she know that my tears sting the Heartbreaking Fest?
She dies in her sleep and they laid her to rest.

Mountains are calm, speaking murmurs to trees,
Who return all the secrets to mistaken thieves,
That run upon horses that bundle in leaves,
Which carry words bringing gods to their knees.

A price one must pay, to wander alone,
Through promising valleys, sick lives that have grown,
Can anyone guide me on the way back to Home?
I miss sitting with you, upon our sweet throne.

A screeching owl asked me, "If I were to be
Replaced by your body, then what would I see?"
I drew a long breath and the speech came from me,
"You'd see all my terror on Earth unto sea,
How lost I am walking, with sorrows to flee,
How I wish for my heart to come back to me,
And for all of the Light in the Dark to be free,
But nothing will change for as long as I be."

The owl simply nodded his thick furry beak,
And flew to my shoulder, and kissed my rough cheek,
Breathlessly hooting, he started to speak,
"Your strong heart must guide you, don't let it be weak.

There's something inside you, I see it from here
Like all of your cares have been sliced with a spear,
But i'll become you and you - me; do not fear,
You will silence these demons and all violence you hear."

Perched on my shoulder, our eyes became one,
My heart beating faster, bullets shot from a gun
And the hole closed inside me, my vision too clear,
And I ran to the edge of the forest from Here.

As I jumped from the edge and I sucked in the air,
I quietly fell to my death - yet somewhere
A tug on my back turned my wings to the sky,
I shot through the clouds with a careless goodbye.

With this new beginning, who began anew?
was it me with myself, or my old thoughts of you?
I swear to my grave that our love is so true,
And the calm in my stomach quietly grew.

Oh how I was saved! And I will yet learn,
I can feed off the silence and follow the turn
that takes to the Road, which I'll walk until I
Collapse to my feet with a beautiful cry.
You saved my life once from the strangling black,
So you I will wait for until you come back.
With you in my arms, we're safe as can be,
And together we embrace eternity.

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