Not Ready for a Goodbye

February 11, 2011
Unforgivin Unforgot
Even though I cannot
Love you today
I wish I may
Love you tomorrow
Will end in sorrow

With my heart
You have a fresh start
But you I cannot trust
So my heart will combust
I cannot live without
What you are all about

Me and you are forbidden
So for now my feelings are hidden
I may have told you before
So don’t let this time start a war
I’m sorry for the things I said
Although this poem will not go unread

This is just my feelings a rush
That is why these words just gush
Here is how I really feel
I’m sorry about this whole ordeal
I honestly do like you so
Your apology I can forego
Just leave me to cry
No need for you to pry
You like her I understand
But your love she can withstand

You need to find someone new
Even though many you pursue
There is someone for you
I’m not that girl you already knew

This is not goodbye
your return is not the imply
The truth is what you need
So this you better not misread
I’m not asking for you back
So no need for you to attack

This is all, I’m not gonna fall
Friends we will stay, if we may

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