One Day I Picked Up A Stray Dream

February 8, 2011
One day I picked up a stray dream
Limping in an alleyway
Barking and yapping and begging me
To take it home and play.

Since I was dumb or young or both,
I couldn’t let it be.
And sure enough--as I approached,
It wagged it’s tail and licked me.

Our bond was instantaneous
Our love was strong and true
During our walk we talked and thought,
Not wanting to say adieu.

When we finally reached my house,
We were much surprised
When the presence of this stray dream
Was meant with groans and sighs.

I was not to be discouraged, though:
I hid the dream away,
In my room and beneath my bed,
The dream was fed each day.

But time went on and as I aged,
I became astute,
And logic grew along with me;
My dream was stifled mute.

I left my home and roamed the world;
Soon everything worthwhile
Seemed to have faded, was lost or gone--
Scorched by hate and guile.

Discouraged by the things I saw,
I thought my dream was dead.
But sure enough, all the way back home,
It lurked beneath my bed.

One day I carried my weary feet
Back to my home once more,
And that loyal dream greeted me,
Waiting by the door.

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