Hear My Call

January 25, 2011
By poemgal BRONZE, Reading, NY, Kentucky
poemgal BRONZE, Reading, NY, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who empowers me!

Hear my call when I am about to fall help me to trust in the all in all Hear my prayer know I'm here with a love that's true and rare

Hear my call hear my plea will somebody please help me? Hear what my voice says when I proclaim I love you everyday

Hear my fears read my thoughts all hope is not yet lost Hear my call watch me fall help me if you're the all in all

Respond if you truly understand the hardships of the working man Respond if it is true that you do care let me know that you'll always be here

Tell me what is true for there is many a time when I don't know what to do My heart it does face my body does shake my mind it sometimes does escape

Open up and let me know that you will never let me go If you plan to show your love send it straight from the Lord above as tender as A white silk dove

You my Lord are perfect and I want you to know I proudly wear it If you really want to prove you care please is here to answer all of my prayers

Tell me the pain has gone away the demon has been slain and it will stay that way for multitudinous days

Prove to me you understand the power of helping everyman even it means Journeying away from the holy land

Please tell me it will always be true as clear and as crisp as the morning dew That our love for each other will see us through

Please always be present for your love is one that I cannot resent my trust in

You is effervescent Please open the wind expanse of you mind and heal the wounds of lost time

And salt them over until they are out of this memory of mine Open your heart and prove

Once again to me that you and I will never part and That we will always be in each other's hearts

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I wanted someone to hear what I had to say. For so many of us we feel unheard and misunderstood this is my anthem that speaks of what we feel as if we need.

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