December 8, 2010
By Erin Rosa BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
Erin Rosa BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
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Silent soldiers
Motionless but breathing
Empty spots in their holsters
Inside, no hearts beating

Their battle was won
Despite lack of equipment
Decades they've stood there
Blame it all on commitment

Armor shows signs of struggle and pain
Their presence is evident
Yet no one knows them by name

Not even their neighbors
Though they've been through it all
From first bloom to winter's snow
They've watched the elders fall

Not much for conversation
Though silent they're not
Wind makes them cackle
Ice makes them cough

Surely you've seen them
They stand all around
Anchored in place
Holding their ground

I often wonder what goes on
Far above what I can see
But for now I'll be quite content
Beneath these wise old trees

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