My oath

December 18, 2010
By Painelovely BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Painelovely BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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I am not going to limit myself just because other people cannot accept the fact that i can do something else. Dolly Parton

life hit me flat on my back
i was knocked down as soon as i blinked
so i lace my future in this contract
my oath is the ink

with one hand alone
i will crush the enemies cannons
and with the other, i will clear up the unknown
...welcome to my Armageddon

the earth opens up it's jagged teeth
storms are swelling in the air
this world is breaking apart
it needs a King, i plan to be its heir

i see so many broken
i hear the things that are left unspoken
but the door to my future is locked
so i wont stop until i kick it open

i threw myself in the fire
so in result, i got burned
but the pain is just more lyrical medicine
and now my brain's gears are shaking as they turn

i've fell in love with what i am
a path maker, i am backed by my friends
when i fell, they gave me a hand
so i guess it's safe to say, i'm THEIR biggest fan

hurt them? first you' have to go through me
i guarantee i won't lose
it'd be equivalent to walking in a beast's cage tied to meat
or lighting a spark to a fuse

i am the lion protecting it's lambs
consider me the unbreakable shield
so unless you want to be destroyed where you stand
i would advise that you yield

and to all of you who have helped me
with these words, i make this pledge
even if the stones fall from the skies themselves
i will continue to stand

to you; hard relentless life
i fight till i win
i will defeat your shortcomings and your strife
prepare yourself, this is my second wind

i'll swim against the current
i'll take on these demons with my bare hands
this is what it means to be a warrior
this is what it be a man

now, i ask for all foes to come forth
ready your spears and attack!
i want to see your facial expressions
as you strike me, and all i do is laugh!

life isn't about what you all say to me
it's not about being strong or being weak
it's about following your dreams
and following your own two God-given feet

so with my closure
i finally put my agony to its rest
i WILL reach the top of this planet
as long as i have this heart of mine beating in my chest

The author's comments:
Well in this piece i am talking about a battle i have had with myself, and i am using man as Mankind, but over all i am looking at the things that lie within myself... Enjoy

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