To Live For

December 2, 2010
A heart like a stone can never be broken,

A day in the life of the boy down the street,
He goes to school, he takes his seat.

A mind full of things that might never be spoken.

But he never listens to the words of the teacher,
Like a godless being, the instructor a preacher.

A hope in his thoughts, a light in the dark,

With the ring of the bell, he leaves in a rush,
To a place all alone, nothing but hush.

The one person whose touch leaves a spark.

Except for a girl, who brings wonder when they meet,
And beauty that makes his heart skip a beat.

He imagines a passion that alone makes him weak,

Like a man without water the time isn’t wasted,
He dreams of her nightly, she’s so close he can taste it.

But with fear of rejection, he doesn’t speak.

And when they part he feels so alone,
But he never cries, no emotion is shown.

He wants it so bad, he wants it so much,

And when the day ends, they meet once more,
For only moments, but they alone leave him torn.

Why not give it a shot for a chance at that touch?

It had been so long, with nothing but yearning,
A second of hope to fuel the fire that’s burning.

Before he can turn back, he reaches out a hand,

He looks into her eyes, his emotions are reeling,
Is it even possible she feels what he’s feeling?

They meet, his knees so weak he can’t stand.

With a leap of faith, he draws her in close,
Where they stand like statues, nose to nose.

He holds her tight, he can’t let her go,

Their lips meet in a kiss, he feels so many things,
Like ectasy, and joy, and he feels he has wings.

But one tear is shed, and his new emotions show.

They part, and it’s over, but his heart’s still abuzz,
Some little part of him whispers, is it love?

But he doesn’t care, doesn’t bother to fret,
For he vowed to always cherish the moment.
And this one is brilliant, miraculous and more,
And each moment with her is one to live for.

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