Into Your Shoes

November 20, 2010

See our love,
And our trust,
Didn't seem like enough,
But I didn't wanna rush,
Cause you been through some stuff.
I know you and your last crush,
Both fought and you fussed.
He teased and he plugged,
All of your patients out.
He huffed and he puffed,
And blew down your house.
But you stood back up,
You told him to be goin,
And you was strong,
And said I can take a punch.
I know that it hurt,
I know that you cried,
But it died.
Then the pain ,
Came back right into your eyes.
I knew you had to get it out,
But I wasn't sure what you was going to do.
But I never thought that you would,
Put me right into your shoes.

Now I feel,
The pain,
And rage,
And the rain,
We're not on the same page.
Tears rolling down my face.
So ashamed,
Your playing these games,
And me like a fool.
I know he was a tool,
But that gives you no reason to,
Put meeeeee right into your shoes.

I am not him,
I am not here,
To bring you pain,
Or stab you in the heart,
And break it in parts,
I wanna give you a new start,
My sweet heart.
But I did nothing to deserve,
This punishment of a life time,
My heart is your,
But your is not mine,
Cause I wouldn't fine you,
Putting me right into your shoes.

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