November 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Wisps float across your vision
Smoke clouds your minds decision
For you can see nothing more
In this land of Evermore

It contains all the thoughts still swimming
Of people in the land of still living
It contains thoughts of what all the masses deplore
It contains this in the realm of Evermore

The emptiness of the land
Where all is so horribly bland
Is chilling in the place where there is no door
Stuck in this noose of Evermore

Passion twists among the smoke
Sadness attempts to make you choke
Love, which all people adore
Is lost in this crime of Evermore

Love is hidden in the mind
Of many people in all of mankind
But love is lost to go to war
With society, so it is hidden in Evermore

As young loves move from space to space
They decide to give love to this place
“Because we cannot get success,” they implore
“If our love does not stay in Evermore.”

So love stays in the back of the mind
Of everyone in all of mankind
And this love you so cherish and adore
Is slain in this grave of Evermore.

And so all our love is replaced by war
And all will be destroyed forever more

The author's comments:
This is a project that required us to base something off of Poe's work.

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