November 1, 2010
By Anonymous

People of this world don't know what to say
when it comes to true love, even unto this day.
They say it's for benefits, or lots of money,
or sometimes for fame, even popularity.
But of all these answers I have just said,
they come from hearts that have long since been dead.
True love is thinking with your heart, not your brain.
True love is waiting for her in the rain.
True love is when you can't stop thinking of her.
True love is something you'll know for sure
when you see her and not love her for looks;
it's her personality that truly hooks
you right onto her, stuck like glue.
These are a few things I hoped you knew.
This is a little bit of what I've thought,
and I'd like you to know I love you a lot.
Now there are differences,that anger me so much I find myself screaming.
You're beautiful, courageous, the head of the pack,
everything you have of which I do lack.
But tradition has been placed for so many years
and not being with you is my biggest of fears.
Your family needs you much greater than me,
but that doesn't mean I don't wish we could be
together, forever, despite our position,
despite the differences and our tradition.
The moment I lay eyes on you I knew it was true
that from the depths of my heart I would really love you.
But us being together seems impossible;
yet our journeys we so unimaginable.
I thought I had you, pulled you in close,
thought I would give you just one simple dose.
But it wasn't enough; tradition comes first.
Your love in return forever I'll thirst.
I have made mistakes, of that I'll admit,
but my heart yearns for you, bleeding drops of scarlet.
But now the time has
finally come for you
in which your whole life could be born anew.
He's better than me, perfect in every way.
I just hope and pray that maybe one day
we could, possible, be together,
that we could share lives, just maybe, forever.
Sometimes tradition is meant to be broken.

The author's comments:
"Alpha, and Omega."

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