theatrics in flame

November 7, 2010

A circle of fire on the stage
Phantoms surround the flame enraged
Caged to masked theatrics after death
Left from lines unaligned to breath

Their plight a play in its own right
The sight of lost dreams put to fight in the embers
But who will remember how the audience wept
Or the toxins of laughter that crept from their throats
These comforts remote from the minds of ghosts
The boasts of destruction from the flame
That took the fame and name of voiced artists
The lack of appreciation in presentation the arsonist
Oh the bliss they showed the audience
Though people dare to forget messages ensnared in scripts
Prayers that fell from characters lips
Now have no more meaning than drips of wax
That fell through cracks on the floor to ignite
Emotions that weren’t there anymore that night

The author's comments:
about how the death of actors art brings death to the artists...creepy huh?

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