What it Feels Like... Being Alone

November 5, 2010
I got through each day, knowing you're gone.
I try to dream of you from night 'till dawn.
I got to class without hearts on my book.
When I hear your name, I turn to look.
But that's when I realize you aren't there.
This feeling is nothing I can compare.
Now I write my words without inspiration.
Even the simplest thoughts now require contemplation.
When I sing in my room, the songs have no meaning.
How can a star be so deceiving?
Did I make a wish to bring no dream come true?
No, I made a wish that my dream would be you.
That you would be here right out of my book.
That love would be all that it took.
I wished that someone would be my prince.
At first, I was hard to convince.
But you pulled me through my fear and my doubt.
It was then I knew you're air I can't live without.
I feel like I'm drowning now, running out of air.
Not even my best friend seems to care.
You can't say "hello" 'cause we're so far apart.
She ignores me when we're close enough to talk.
Did I ever mean anything to God up so high?
Did He even hear my prayers that I sent to the sky?
One look at you brings tears to my eyes.
One look at her reminds me of lies.
One thought of you reminds me of the end.
One thought of her makes me think... "Best friend?"
Right now I need you, I don't need her.
I wish we could become what we were.
I wish I could star over and start with only you.
I wish some choices I could undo.
I wish I had someone to see me when I hide.
I wish I had a friend that cared I was hurting inside.
You're everything, my love, my best friend, my light.
You're the person that lights up my sky at night.
I need to give my heart to someone, just to loan.
'Cause when I have it I know what it feels like... being alone.

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