November 1, 2010
I am Dirt.
I am a Cultural metaphor for the Filthy, and the Lowest of the Low.
I am trampled on by countless creatures that believe themselves superior to me,
For I am the unacknowledged crust beneath your feet.

I am Dirt.
I am beneath everything else.
I am Mud, Dust, and Topsoil,
For my Emotions transform my being like the Weather.

I am Dirt.
I am as Small as a Mountain.
But I am as big as a flea,
For I am the biggest, most insignificant substance you fail to notice.

I am Dirt.
I am Supportive.
I am where foundations are laid,
For I will always be beneath to hold it up.

I am Dirt.
I am the Lowest of the Low.
I am where buildings and dreams crumble,
but Ruins are left as phantom memories.

I am the Dirt.
I am constantly beaten and worn.
I am neglected and abused,
For I can not stand above the rest.

I am Dirt.
I am a trashcan for the ingorant,
I am a shelter for the poor,
For I am a constant barrier from lives hardships.

I am Dirt.
I am ripped out of the way of others plans.
But I am ever significant,
For without me, Youd have nowhere to lay your waste.

I am Dirt.
I am more important than fleeting love.
I am the cumulation of your dreams and I am a necessity,
For if Dirt wasn't here, there would be nowhere for you to put your foundations.

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