The Wreck

October 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Autumn never thought it’d be when summer was around last fall
Was allocated to a sweeping month of Saturday
Neighbours who come and go when everything fits into place
Autumn never tried to remember what it had to show

A picture with no picture frame a grace that seemed to entertain
The memory of summer that spoiled future plans
Social alignment all alone the past was once the present shown
And time decided all at once, “What will you do now?”

For travel plans were meant for one who shadowed all the vile contempt
There’s one who catches your eye
Who smiles when you’re walking by and at that moment summer knew
This was the only time (to gain it all back)

Quiet, and smiling, and striding by
With only one intention in mind

Still on the other side was option one, a dream of years of Autumn’s calls
Yet for some unexplainable, losing seemed alright
The similar context struggles close, it tantalizes with verbose
Accusations that Autumn will strike you to the ground

Decisions to be chosen, unconscious leaps need layers woven
A mystery simply definitely won’t deny you of the chase
From that point on it had decayed, believing in the state
Of mind that life is meaningless if you never take

The week ahead was a rebirth, retracted to an earlier life
For every question’s power shocked a piece of subdued past
Fleeting face breathed inside, a light gesturing on
Commitment was the only struggle knowing she’d be gone

She reminded me completely of a girl I had seen before
Still is confusing, but at one point her smile, was. the door (opened a crack)

Ten summers ago a sickly evening in the cable tv lifestyle my melting mind died

and only one glimpse of joy was this. A dream, one. little girl- looked in me

without explanation and its bothersome rogue made understanding it would

challenge by and by for years alone and grasping gently until she looked for real.

That little told me so- a dream came true, one follows the only memory

meaningless realized at last its importance unconscious stream of a flow down the

tributary of lifelessness living ago
Excursion in familiar fashion hiding on the hill
This was summer’s stereo-tying up the bill
And when finally seeing her, pulling at the comfort
A setting eased in smooth and rolled down the greatest thunder

Got to know each other as naked as could be
Jolts here and nonetheless there was a shocking fee
The lighting striking, and fortunately in the water park
Grasping our most useful digits sliding in the dark

Evidence had cleared that we were feeling it together
Foreshadowed the dawn of a summertime special
Walked away grinning and burning and wet
The electricity stung brightly, creation a set (beauty tightly wrapped)

The patience not needed, locked tightly like leather
Eyes into mine onto yours they are better

This evening enchanting a beautiful break
From acting like something imagined mistakes
Prepared for the parting we not even partake
Just a stroll through the lawns, simply for the sake

Mashed on the concrete innocent and bland
Wishing contractions on a holiday strand
Rivers around the enclosed later starting
Members took note and recording the charting

Our opposite directions finally met at a truth
Wandering aimlessly purest aloof
Handed her a lucky a stone merely for my own knowing
It was more a message than a promise or a dare (lost in a map)

The same temptation inside us alone
Thundered down and made itself known

As if returned to previous occupation in seven year form I disguised my eyes

watching pretending rejoined and fooled her foreplay and pattered along

behind knowing not afraid only doing forewarned excitement was jumping the

clouds told me so “look up once Lucky and you will reward” then she took me

in closely and gently and purposefully and knowingly and carefully and

dangerously and BOOM the lightning struck our lips with symmetry and sound

and every feeling ever felt was compressing around that single act of holiness

of pureness of delight that when it stopped it re-began and life had caught its sight

in new directions and over was like that the stone remaining in her palm was

grinning like a shark
And there it was halfway our journey complete
For it never declined and no sickly defeat
But the sloping was steeper and counting down slow
The fear of departing detaching let go

There was no temptation no fear or remorse
The storm had blown over, the thunder of course
Was no longer a threat and peace fluttering dry
Decaying allotment of precious time

This one dusk we took a stroll after the ball
To a dampened containment that shouldn’t recall
Ignored the advances destroyed the array
Bound to a promise still waiting the day

Blame was not laid in compliance understood
Frustration derangement controlling is good (no quote of fact)

After that eve came weeks of two rough
Temporary running transition corrupt
And the last day was dawning as soon we prepared
For a drawn out opposite of lightning’s farewell

Another grand spectacle both distant involved
Strapped on the balcony hoping only to fall
As I watched the rain crumble and melt the distress
The Autumn clapped summer and started this mess

Summer summer summer my summer died
It was no force of shock but I broke down and cried
The evening made due and looked at our eyes
To see one another our never disguise (purely two beings completely intact)

Holding on trying to stop every second from passing that “Hi”
Fleeting kicking tearing away our goodbye

Seven years old. Seven hundred miles away. Seven months too long.
Seven summers ago had no clue this would be, but seven summer from now its existence
Won’t be

Now where are we? Inside our heads?
Dreaming on memories we’ve yet had instead
Waiting a day when it finally comes true
Encountering joy while being with you

The author's comments:
This is a depiction of five weeks in retrospect as memories shape the perspective of emotion and feeling into building a tower of experience.

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