Out At Sea

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I never imagined this...
that my one and only wish,
At a time when I cant take it,
would be to fade away.

I never wanted this name,
But never wanted to stay the same.
My anger remains so untames,
As my life slowly ends.

I feel the water over me,
I feel the salty sea,
Take this pain and let me be,
Take me away...

Water fills my lungs so tight,
As I am swollowed in the night,
My life has been one endless fight,
But I'm not sure that Ive won...

The pain envelopes me,
As I am drifting out to sea,
The animals all let me be,
As I give up fighting this life,

I surface and breathe in,
Let go of what i hold within,
Let my new life attempt to begin,
Not on land.. but out at sea.

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