Stay Safe

October 4, 2010
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My fingers tap the surface
A gentle clicking sound,
I bounce my knee so quickly,
My feet dance with the ground.

My eyes cannot stay focused,
As my mind races away
I cant escape the feeling,
that somethings wrong today.

My teeth they chatter lightly,
though the temperature is high,
If somethings happened to her,
Oh God... just the thought makes me cry.

My eyes close and i see it,
this horror film plays on,
On goes the scenerio,
In which, she is gone.

I see that pretty face again,
But no smile does she wear,
I reach one hand into her open coffin,
And gently brush her hair.

These visions seem to haunt me,
As I pray that she's okay...
I will continue worrying,
Until I see her face again someday...
Stay Safe

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