Waiting For the Day

September 30, 2010
By Chris Fowles BRONZE, Southplanfield, New Jersey
Chris Fowles BRONZE, Southplanfield, New Jersey
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Today was the day that Huey saw the trailer for the new movie Star Wars./
Later, his grandpa told him " Huey may be something of yours ."/
It was an old letter that he wrote to the director last year./
But the mailbox was very far away from little Conway dear.//

His short brother Riley walked up to him and laughed./
He laughed because homework last year was on the back graphed./
No one belived Huey could do it but he tried full his best./So he had worked hard to the end of the day and took a long rest.//

He wrote down his ideas on a bulletin board in the office./
Huey would stay in the room for hours messing like bad actress./
He had finally finished his well thought out plan and wrote it./
He was on his way to the post office and couldn't happen to quit.//

His journey was not that long probably only about a day./
So he got his bike with a cool GPS and tried to find the bikeway./
As soon as he found it he went the fastest way to the post office./
He was one step away from getting to the post office surface.//

He had sent the letter to the director and waited for the movie./
Huey had told his friends about what he did; they said " its grove"./
He had waited until May to see the next chronicle in the film./
At school he had kept his mind off it so he stayed calm.//
At the end of December he wondered why he didn't get an answer./
He was furious about him not getting back it felt like cancer./
A month before the movie came out and star wars fans were filling./
They knew that this was the last it would make a killing.//

Huey was sad, he didn' get a letter or an annoucnement./
Later that day he went to the movie for his own amusement./
He had a blast at the movie theather and got a star wars backpack./
When he got home his grnadpa said " sorry your letter got sent back."//

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