The Lost Memories

September 30, 2010
By Amy Ramjatan BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Amy Ramjatan BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Wildwood gives me memories to last a lifetime/
It sure is amazing and sweet exactly not like a lime/
Packing our bags on another trip to this sight/
It incrdibly brings back the heat, sand and light//
Mom and I sit in the car during the pouring rain/
Waiting for dad to get in and drive off in the right lane/
As my dad turned the key ignition it made a sound,"Chu, chu"/
It sounded like a train but insanely not new//
My anticipation was aggreeably rising/
But all my Wildwood meets and dreams were colliding/
I was still in the car sitting, with my head faced down/
My mom turned around and looked at me with a frown//
I waited for this day to come forever and now it's gone/
I woke up so early for no reason before it hit dawn/
Wasted my time planning and packing for this vacation/
Hoping that it would be awesome in my own sensation//
"Another day, another day ", my mom said softly/
I wish that other day comes oh so fastly/
Today is the wrong day in my opinion/
But planning this vacation was not a good decision/
It would have been nice if the weather was sunny and bright/
In Wildwood, we could have been flying a kite/
Lying on the beach with no stress is what my parents want/
But we cannot beacause we have nothing to flaunt//
My day ends horribly watching shows on TV/
I saw a commercial about a beach, which made me wheezy/
I wish Wildwood was in my backyard, it would be so breezy/
Escaping everything that didnt smell like water and daisy//

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