Show and Tell

September 30, 2010
By Kristy Percario BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kristy Percario BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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She quickly walked about the hallway to her next class./
Walking right past the group of studends on the autumn grass./
She didn't care about the heavy book bag on her back./
All that mattered was what she had to show in her pack.//

Amy wondered up the stairs of her little school building./
Past the classrooms and students she knew were also learning./
She waited patiently though the day for her favotire time./
"Show and tell is today!" She thought and jumped into line.//

Amy sat at her lunch table with all of her friends./
Barely talking with them as her excitement extends./
"Only two more calsses left," were the only words she said./
As the lunch bell buzzed, she stood up with a frining in her head.//

Two more classes until her favorite time of the day./
"I can't believe I had misses it last week," thought Amy./
But this class was slow and dragged on forever./
Because of this Amy knew show and tell would be even better.//

"One more class left!" Amy thought as she gathered her books./ Excitement filled her entire head, all the cranniesand kooks./
And as the work dwindled and the sound of the bell grew near./
Amy only thought of the sound of her classmates cheer.//

Running though the hallway as excited as can be./
Being careful not to fall, gripping her item thoughtfully./
She was only a few doors away from her favorite classroom now./
She waited in line and saw no smiles anywhere "How?"//

As she staggered in the door still hopeful and excited./
Amy relized that there was no reason to be delighted./
The teacher was not there and there was work up on the wall./
It was canceled and she wouldn't have show and tell at all.//

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