Anne's Next Lucky Charm

September 30, 2010
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Thirty minutes before Christmas day, snow began to fall/
Anne got up early hoping she would get her Christmas doll/
She walks carefully towards the tree and gets onto her knees/
In front of her was the most ornate of all Christmas trees//
The smell of chocolate chip cookies pervades the living room/
Anne wanted a piece of cookie but knew she must resume/
She could not wait until her doll is in her little arms/
All of her holiday dolls served as her most lucky charms//
Looking around, she finds a myriad of wrapped presents/
They ranged from small to large as she stands up or descents/
Picking up presents, Anne listens as she shakes them gently/
Each present did not sound the same but a lot differently//
Anne couldn't tell if it was a doll or a plain old shirt/
She wished the presents were not wrapped so that they'd be overt/
Most of the prsents were for her little brother, Andrew/
She thought to herselt, "Did Sanata Claus forget my doll, too?"//
Hoping Santa did not, Anne piled some presents aside/
The more boxes she piled to the top, the more she sighed/
When she heard footsteps from above, she stopped very quickly/
Anne heard voices upstairs, and they were heard so distinctly//
She started to slide Andrew's presents aside much faster/
Knowing time was running out, she created a disaster/
The wrapped presents were not where they were put in the first place/
Anne reaches for another present with a yellow lace//
Shaking it impatiently, Anne could tell the item's soft/
As if she found real gold, she excitedly jumped aloft/
Her parents run downstairs and see Anne with a present box/
Immediately, she opens the box and finds some socks.

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