Striveville Try-Outs

September 30, 2010
By Jasonn96 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jasonn96 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Talent try-outs were held in the small town of striveille./
Talent try-outs could be heard from Billie's home up the hill./
Billie thought about going to audition at the try-outs./
Fortunately, Billie's dream was to sing and go all out.//

Billie was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes./
She could already see her hands on the winning prize./
Billie has many talents, her favorite one was singing./
Out of many of her songs, she had a hard time picking.//

As she roamed around, she looked for the talent auditions./
when she got there, she got to meet many new musicians./
The judges only allowed one hundred people in line./
After one hundred one people, the rest would be declined.//

Billie counted and saw she was number one hundred and five./
"To win i have to make people leave this line," she contrived./
She told people in try-outs there was an infestation./
Becuase of her decieving lie, her seat changed location.//

Now one hundred and three, she needed another plan quickly./
Lying to her competition, she gets caught, but merely./
Annoyed with Billie's comments, the competition went home./
Happily one hundred, Billie entered the try-outs dome.//

Standing in the spot-light, Billie sung to the judge./
Her turn was over, the next girl sung, and Billie had a grudge./
Billie had a smirk on her face, as the girl passed her way./
"You sing good," said she, Billie knew this was very cliche.//

Judges came out of the dome to announce the winners score./
Before announcing Billie's score, she was dead from the bore./
Billie was so full of shock, she began to shout./
Sadly, all that Billie had given had goten her out.//

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