the weekness

August 31, 2010
By saymaetay BRONZE, New Pregue, Minnesota
saymaetay BRONZE, New Pregue, Minnesota
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live while you have the time dont blink try not to be the old perosn in you death bed wishing you had just done alittle more....

im getting weeker, my head is feeling soft but my heart is pounding loud; why is it every time i look into the eys of the worst i fall my hardest...? he doesnt see me he cant hear me but i know he looking right at me.. i feel different every time i catch his storm green eyes.... my heart stops as i bite my lips the heat is intence... but i realize he was looking at only looking into the way of someone else... she is much older then i... but still i cant help to ask wil i ever be enouigh for any one ..** he looks up again**.... is he realy looking in my direction**...** he can't be im not worth a look **...maybe i should try** i bite my lip push up my chest and smile with my eyes but all i get out of him is a glance wh en he just walks by and talk to the other girl** maybe i am nothing maybe im not woth it ..maybe i should just jump just walk....maybe** ???? ...

The author's comments:
my piece is about a friend of mine who changed her self entirely just because of one guy

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