not so sleeping beauty

September 9, 2010
By sydni GOLD, Boca Raton, Florida
sydni GOLD, Boca Raton, Florida
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There once lived a fair maiden who slept atop a tower
She couldn’t come out, she was held in by a power
She was cursed by witches to never leave the sky above
Unless she could find her one and only true love

This task seemed impossible to this beautiful girl
But little did she know what was about to unfurl
Living years in this room surrounded by many a cloud
Promising to find an escape sh e had always vowed

Days on end she would sit and brush her silky hair
Tears staining her pale face, overcome with despair
She dreamt of the day her true love would send word
And this unbreakable curse would finally be cured

A handsome prince set off for this dangerous deed
Exclaiming that there was a distressed damsel in need
As he rode gallantly on his big white horse,
He came across three witches on his wooded course

One witch spoke of death at the end of his travel
A second was certain many secrets would unravel
The third told him of a maiden he could never find
She laughed and screeched, she will stay confined

The prince was shaken and fearfully rode away
The witches had got to him, but despite his dismay
He promised himself he would finish this task
He would save this beauty no questions asked

The prince traveled through the forest past the trees
Until he finally found his castle standing still in the breeze
He jumped off his horse slowly moving towards the door
For he had finally found what he had been looking for

He knocked down the door that would bring him to his fate
And he climbed and climbed hoping he was not to late
Arriving at the door where he and the maiden would finally meet
He stepped into her room not knowing this would be his defeat

The prince and the maiden now gazed into each others eyes
He then kissed the girl not knowing this would be his demise
The witches were right for the girl he could never save
And this deathly kiss would now send him to his grave

The witches’ secret was that the girl could never be kissed
Only trapped in her=2 0tower never to experience eternal bliss
Now that the handsome prince lay cold and hollow of life
His journey for love was now over in his final strife

The fair maiden was left to rot in her tower of hell
She was left alone forever sadness she would dwell
The witches’ were evil but unfortunately were right
This story ends with two innocents giving up in their fight

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