September 6, 2010
Watches from the school hallway,
the girl he loves walks away.
Won't even pass a glance,
will he ever get his chance?
Thinking back to earlier days,
when they were together always.
He didn't think it would ever end,
he can't lose her again.
He'll tell her,
the way he feels about her,
the way he's crazy about her,
the way he wants her in his arms,
the way he'll hold her close,
the way he'll always know,
how special she truly is,
the only girl, he wants to kiss,
but he can't love a girl that's taken.
She walks by never looking his way,
but this time he won't let her get away.
He says she's what he's looking for,
he hopes and dreams they'll be more.
She looked at him with tears in her eyes,
she thought back to earlier times,
when she wanted him as well,
only now it's too late to tell.
He pulled her into his arms,
turning on all possible charms,
he took her breath away,
but she told him she can not stay.
She'll never tell him,
the way she feels about him,
the way she's crazy about him,
the way she wants to be in his arms,
the way she wants him close,
the way she always knows,
how special he thinks she is,
the only girl he wants to kiss,
but she can't love the boy, she's taken.

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lovelace92 said...
Sept. 24, 2010 at 8:21 am
gotta love romeo && juliet. tragic love stories are the most moving.
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