The deception of appearence

June 6, 2010
By michaelb BRONZE, Amsterdam, Other
michaelb BRONZE, Amsterdam, Other
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People want to find out who they are
But I know I am making what I am
Making decisions is shaping the man
Of course I tried to make a star

Being the cool kid, people claim to know you

So you act like you’re supposed to
Attention is addictive, you think it’s what you’re after
So just become another slave to the laughter

You get these mates
Who then treat you like a friend
I pretend not to be wrong
When I write: I miss them when they’re gone

Being cool I dated the hottest girl in school
But I would be a fool to deny
That the girl who makes me smile every day
Lives just over 4000 miles away

Now it’s easy to be the alpha male
Always the best at everything
Until I hit the world and fail
To be the best at anything

When will just another hater see that
I am a mere show for the spectator
So I’ll end this with a lesson for the kids
If something is too good to be true, it is!

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