Hurricane Wind

May 11, 2010
Flora and Fauna are pushed aside as the King of the Earth blows
Using his powers of air and wind to crush all his evil foes

Curling its tendrils through trees and plants, reaching for something unknown
Leaving a path of swept aside leaves so we know that the wind here has blown

A gentle tickle smothers the grass and causes the trees to smile
The wind is praying that this humble ruse is all the time worthwhile

The breeze now travels to the ends of the Earth, slowly creating a path
That it can follow so that the wind can soon take out its wrath

The wind begins to run amok, it starts to tease the land
It rages fast and very strong, loud as a marching band

The breeze now grows into a tormented wind, a tornado of dirt and air
It then subsides and leaves no sign that there was ever a hurricane there

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