April 25, 2010
By kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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The walls are closing in now
There’s nowhere left to run
It’s a path you didn't choose
But your journey has begun

Surrounded by the shadows
Awakened by the night
You’re frightened by the darkness
Yet disgusted by the light

No faith left in tomorrow
Though brighter it could be
All hope has been locked away
But it's you who holds the key

Haunted by mistakes you've made
You know you can't go back
Though the mask shows bravery
It’s courage that you lack

Though you've lost a battle
You’ve yet to lose the war
You’re discouraged by the loss
But only you are keeping score

Silence isn't golden
But there's nothing left to say
If you continue looking back
You’ll never find your way

Never moving forward
Always taking ten steps back
If you move towards the white flag
Your heart will fade to black

So forget about the storm
Forever raging in your soul
Know that instant fixes
Can never make you whole

You’re longing for forgiveness
But it's already yours
You’re waiting for that savior
Who can break down all the doors?

I know that you're broken
I can see it in your eyes
You know we aren't so different
As we've both lived perfect lies

I’ve been there where you are
So there's no need to hide
Now it's safe to open your heart
And swallow all your pride

I may not have the answers
But you don't have to search alone
I’m begging you to take my hand
Let me try to guide you home

The author's comments:
Written 3-18-10

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