Ode to X

April 1, 2010
X. It's a funny little letter, x.

If we're talking about algebra, x plays big role. It could be any number!

"Put an X in all the boxes that apply." X could be good or bad here.

In music, X makes the xylophone unique. It's the only instrument that begins with X.

In history, X gave Xerxes his name. Think of what the world would be like without him!

People ignore poor little X. It's one of the least commonly used letters in the normal English language.

So next time you use this poor, neglected, unappreciated letter, think of all it does and did for you.

X. It's a funny little letter, x.

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horsie_luver said...
May 24, 2010 at 10:27 pm
Whoever rated this as 1 star: why? I would like everybody to please comment so that I know what I'm doing wrong!
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