Sibling Rivalry

March 7, 2010
By xpoetdesiresx SILVER, Jamestown, Rhode Island
xpoetdesiresx SILVER, Jamestown, Rhode Island
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Born in California, now I live 3,000 miles away
I left behind my sisters, it gets harder every day
It's hard to think that at one point we lived in the same house,
Now I can't do sisterly things, like ask to borrow Crystal's favorite blouse.
Candace has a daughter now, I feel like I'm missing out
Carla has got a big voice, I miss hearing her shout
Never take advantage of your "annoying" siblings,
To have mine in my house, I would give up all my things
You complain about fights, you complain about noise
I'd put up with the fights, we'd talk about boys.
I want to lay on my bed, and know my sisters a heartbeat away.
Unfortunately, things will never be that way,
Not for more then a visit, or more than a short stay.
I cherish every moment, but there's always too much to say.
It breaks me in half to know I won't see them for months on end,
It breaks me in half to know we only see each other often through pictures we send.
3 or 4 visits a year is just not enough,
I try to be strong, I try to be tough.
I'd give anything to have those sibling rivalries
Because I know in the end, we'd never be enemies
And as much as you say you hate it, you know that in reality you don't
You'll see your sister tomorrow, but I surely won't
So instead of a punch, how about a hug?
How about some love instead of a tug?
Because you always want them to know,
You kick and yell to put on a show.
I'd give up a lot for something you're capable of,
that something is showing your sibling love.
So for just a second, think of it this way,
try to imagine your sibling far away.

The author's comments:
This piece is very deep, and very personal.

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